Inside the Scuba Explorer

Inside the Scuba Explorer

See what’s inside the Scuba Explorer like the luxurious cabins, amenities and relax spaces

Scuba Explorer

Scuba Explorer Dive Deck

Dive deck on the Scuba Explorer Phuket luxury liveaboardDive deck on the Scuba Explorer Phuket luxury liveaboard

We have the biggest & safest dive deck in the Similans

Don’t settle for cramped dive decks, don’t settle for being shoved by inconsiderate divers and don’t put up with lack of space to properly fit your equipment, dive in style on the Scuba Explorer from our massive dive deck. The deck consists of 44 Tanks spaces and a set up table in the middle. As you may have noticed we only take 22 guests at maximum capacity so that means everyone has room to swing, no cramped conditions on our boat!

Our staff are also some of the best in the industry, our boat crew will help you in and out of your equipment and help you safely to the dive platform, which can easily stand several divers ready for entry. Our dive platform has one step to the dive deck, so no shuffling down staircases in your equipment, and no dangerous ladders to the deck or ribs.

Dive deck on the Scuba Explorer Phuket luxury liveaboard

Dive deck on the Scuba Explorer Phuket luxury liveaboard

Diving from the Scuba Explorer is truly a pleasure, room enough for everyone to gear up, dive deck space to move around on and staff that will make sure you are safe and comfortable at all times!

What more could you ask for? Don’t hesitate, book your luxury liveaboard holiday today and join us onboard the Scuba Explorer for the best diving holiday you’ll ever experience!

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Decks & cabins on the Scuba Explorer

Scuba Explorer deluxe cabinScuba Explorer deluxe cabin

Details about the decks and cabins onboard the Scuba Explorer

Check out the detailed views from inside the Scuba Explorer before even getting onboard, the layout is pretty simple and the spaces for your comfort are also very large, so come join us for an amazing luxury liveaboard holiday from Phuket to one of our amazing liveaboard destinations!

Sun Deck

Schematic of the scuba explorer liveaboard sun deck

(1) Sun deck

Lounge Deck

Schematic of the scuba explorer liveaboard lounge deck

(2) Outside lounge area, (3) Indoor lounge and refreshment bar, (4) Tour leader’s cabin, (5) Captain’s cabin, (6) Crew cabin (7) Wheelhouse

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Vessel Specifications

Engine room on the Scuba Explorer Phuket luxury liveaboardEngine room on the Scuba Explorer Phuket luxury liveaboard

See what makes the Scuba Explorer tick

The Scuba Explorer has some fairly out-standing hardware onboard, if you are worried about the rocky motion of the ocean, or long trips, you need not stress as the Scuba Explorer is built to be the smoothest & fastest liveaboard ride on the Andaman Ocean!

Honestly with the impressive build quality of the Scuba Explorer liveaboard, you will forget you’re even at sea!

Boat Specifics

Boat type

Steel motor vessel

Year Built



36.8 meters


7.8 meters

Draught (depth in water)

3.0 meters


2 * 520 HP (Nissan Vio)

Speed – maximum

16 knots

Speed – cruising

12 knots

Deisel Tank

16,000 Liter


25,000 Liter tanks + Desalination System

Water Marker

1,000 Liter per day

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About the M/V Scuba Explorer luxury liveaboard

Wheel house on te Scuba Explorer Phuket luxury liveaboardWheel house on te Scuba Explorer Phuket luxury liveaboard

All about the M/V Scuba Explorer luxury liveaboard

The Scuba Explorer is one of finest liveaboards you’ll find in Thailand. She’s big, she’s stable, and the quality of service is unparalleled. Until 2007, she was a Japanese-only boat, but that has now changed. Today, the Scuba Explorer is open to people from all countries who are interested in a first class luxury liveaboard holiday with superior service.

You’ll find that a trip on the Scuba Explorer is memorable not only for the wonderful diving you’ll experience, but also for the unique cultural opportunities you get when people from all over the world come together to share a common experience. Feel free to check our our upcoming liveaboard trips or keep reading for more detailed information on the M/V Scuba Explorer.

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