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Donald Duck bay and  beach from Similan Island no.8 lookout


Places like the Similans and Surin are not just breathtakingly beautiful under the waves, they are also quite spectacular up top and we like to hit the beaches on them pretty regularly

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About Our Liveaboard Locations

Helpful & general information about our luxury liveaboard diving destinations

The Scuba Explorer heading for dive sites along the cliffs of Phi Phi Ley


Almost all the places we visit onboard the Scuba Explorer from Phuket Thailand, like the Similans Islands, Southern Andaman, Adang and Myanmar are located deep within marine national parks that are situated in waters claimed by, or that are very close to mainland Thailand.

The main reasons the diving in these marine parks is so spectacular is simply because there are people who care enough about these locations to keep them protected and in beautiful condition for us divers. To continue keeping the parks as memorable as they are, requires a small fee for each diver that enter the parks to help pay for the area's general up-keep and protection from industry and fisheries.

These fees are different at each park and are dependent on how long the Scuba Explorer is visiting for, so please be aware that marine park fees are not included in the cost of your liveaboard package. You will typically sort out these fees just before departure and once there you'll realise just how small a price it is to pay to be diving in these well preserved, sometimes heritage listed, wonders of our giant blue ball we call Earth.

Onboard the Scuba Explorer you will not find any bleeding heart hippy communes, we are professional divers that believe humans can interact peacefully and safely with the marine environment without damaging it. Obviously we all have an impact, and thus it is up to us to mitigate that impact, so that the reef and marine life may live and prosper for future generations to experience their wonder.

So whilst onboard the Scuba Explorer we do ask that you try to minimise plastic bottle usage, please use the bins provided for rubbish and cigarette butts (fish really don't like them) and no flushing anything but natural waste in the toilets. Whilst Diving please be mindful of the corals, as they take thousands of years to grow, and only seconds to be destroyed by the accidental fin kick or dropped equipment.

One last thing, if we catch you touching, riding or harassing any of the marine life, you will hastily be left on a deserted island populated by starving circus bears. We will not tolerate the touching or harassing of wildlife, especially the Whalesharks!

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The Similans Islands, Adang and Myanmar are famous the world over for their biodiversity but we all know that most people are interested in the big stuff and none of our locations will dissapoint. Whale Sharks are regular visitors on our dives, we have had dives at Richelieu Rock in the Similans where we have seen three distinctly different Whale Sharks, 2 Sea horses, 3 Ornate Ghost Pipe Fish, Harlequin Shrimp and a Frog Fish all in one dive.

The Adang Archipelago is also very unspoiled, famous for schooling Mobula Rays jumping from the water as thousands of them fight for space. Adang is also literally buzzing with large pelagic fish and Sharks. So if you are a fan of the big predators than Adang is definitely for you!

If you want to see Giant Manta Rays, than Koh Tachai and Koh Bon are the places you need to visit, these two spectacular dive sites are Manta havens. We rarely dive there without spotting at least one. Our best dives there have produced up to 6 unique Giant Mantas + a Black Manta, one of the oceans rarest creatures.

If you are a macro fan, we also have you covered with specially trained macro hunting guides onboard. Want to see Pygmy Sea Horses, or Tiger Tails, what about Harlequin Shrimps, Ornate Ghost Pipe fish & every type of spectacular nudibranch imaginable, because it is all out there waiting for you to come and discover it with us.

For the more adventurous divers there is also the amazing Mergui Archipelago in Myanamar/Burma, it is a shark sanctuary, filled with Black Tips, White Tips, Nurse, Grey, Hammer Head and even the occasional Tiger Shark. Honestly Mergui in Myanmar is the last untouched and unspoiled shark paradise on Earth!


The Similans are open from October until April, the rest of the time they are closed for rehabilitation and are off limits to all marine vessels, the Thailand navy patrols the area and has a heavy hand in dealing with illegal activities there in the off season.

Myanmar/Burma trips are few and far between because access to the Mergui Archipelago is strictly prohibited, but we do get special permission a few times per year to visit.

Adang is also a Marine Park, we visit it in the Phuket low season because the weather is far better there during that time.

Southern Andaman trips include Phi Phi dive sites, like the Kled Gaew wreck dive, a 50 metre 400 tonne Norwegian gun ship sunk purposefully in 25 metres of water for easy access. We also visit Koh Hin Bida, a rarely visited site where Leopard sharks are known to congregate in heavy numbers thanks to the nice sandy edges.

So what are you waiting for? Join us on a Phuket liveaboard holiday and start diving in the worlds most untouched and beautiful locations!

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Luxury liveaboard trips & scuba diving in Phuket, Thailand, Myanmar and the Southern Andaman

Reef Safe Sunscreen While Scuba Diving

Be Smart Use Coral Safe Sunscreen And Sun Care Products Reef RepairBe Smart Use Coral Safe Sunscreen And Sun Care Products Reef Repair

Scuba Explorer Recommends Scuba Divers Use Reef Safe Sun Cream

You might not know this but your everyday average sun cream or sunscreen is killing coral reefs and we now require our divers to use only reef safe sunscreen and other eco-friendly sun care products.

No word of a lie here folks, if your sun care products contain any of the following synthetic chemicals, you are helping contribute to high coral morbidity rates and are having an unseen and unimaginably negative impact on the coral reefs you are paying to visit.

Reef Repair products are a great way to help save coral reefs because they are 100% natural and extremely effective sun care products.

Coral Damaging Chemicals

If your sunscreen contains these, you need to throw them away. We do not allow the use of sun cream containing these chemicals on any of our liveaboard scuba diving holidays.

  • Oxybenzone
  • Avobenzone
  • Homosalate
  • Octisalate
  • Octocrylene
  • Titanium Dioxide

You can find out more information about how damaging these chemicals are to coral reefs by checking out this link explaining the impact of chemicals like Oxybezone on coral reefs.

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Texas Holdem Tournament Nights

Texas Holdem Liveaboard TournamentTexas Holdem Liveaboard Tournament

It originally happened fairly spontaneously one fine evening on the Explorer, no one wanted to night dive so instead we broke out a deck of cards and taught some of the guests the ins and outs of Texas Holdem Poker, which is fast becoming the worlds choice of poker styles due to it’s intelligent betting and bluffing options and simple learning curve.

If you are not familiar with the rules, you are given two cards and three cards are put on the table, you then try to outwit the other players and form the best poker hand by betting or bluffing your way to two more table cards and a glorious victory or utter defeat. Obviously this is an over simplification of the rules, feel free to Google it, but the point is, that it is a super fun way to spend a few hours with your guides or fellow guests.

We don’t play for money on the boat, or as yet we haven’t, we typically use mints, sugar packets and pens to represent our chips, 5$ = One mint, 10$ = One Sugar Packet, 50$ = 1 Pen. It’s hilarious to hear your opponent shout, ‘I raise you 3 pens’, you know it is game on when that happens. But more commonly you will hear ‘I call your mint and raise you 2 sugars’.

We have had some great nights playing Texas Holdem for fun this way in a tournament style, lose your chips and your out setting, with 10 players to start and usually 2 players facing off against each other at the end for the glory and all the mints, sugars and pens we have onboard. It’s also a lot of fun to watch even if you went out early or don’t want to play, Texas Holdem tends to really bring out a persons character around the table, you’ll figure out pretty quickly which instructor and guests are practiced liars and those who can’t hide a good hand!

We usually try to get at least one game/tournament going per trip, so don’t hesitate to let us know if you are Texas Holdem fan and want to be involved. I’ll see you on the boat, bring your game face!

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Scuba Explorer Dive Deck

Dive deck on the Scuba Explorer Phuket luxury liveaboardDive deck on the Scuba Explorer Phuket luxury liveaboard

We have the biggest & safest dive deck in the Similans

Don’t settle for cramped dive decks, don’t settle for being shoved by inconsiderate divers and don’t put up with lack of space to properly fit your equipment, dive in style on the Scuba Explorer from our massive dive deck. The deck consists of 44 Tanks spaces and a set up table in the middle. As you may have noticed we only take 22 guests at maximum capacity so that means everyone has room to swing, no cramped conditions on our boat!

Our staff are also some of the best in the industry, our boat crew will help you in and out of your equipment and help you safely to the dive platform, which can easily stand several divers ready for entry. Our dive platform has one step to the dive deck, so no shuffling down staircases in your equipment, and no dangerous ladders to the deck or ribs.

Dive deck on the Scuba Explorer Phuket luxury liveaboard

Dive deck on the Scuba Explorer Phuket luxury liveaboard

Diving from the Scuba Explorer is truly a pleasure, room enough for everyone to gear up, dive deck space to move around on and staff that will make sure you are safe and comfortable at all times!

What more could you ask for? Don’t hesitate, book your luxury liveaboard holiday today and join us onboard the Scuba Explorer for the best diving holiday you’ll ever experience!

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