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What to bring & what not to bring on a liveaboard

What to bring & what not to bring on a liveaboard

Planning for a holiday or cruise can sometimes take up as much time as the holiday itself, by the time you’ve figured out you brought 7 different wall chargers none of which fit the socket, it’s to late. So let me help you guys and girls out with a quick rundown of things you should bring on our liveaboard trips and things you need not worry about.

The Scuba Explorer is a cut above the competition when it comes to onboard service, our guests are top priority and we treat you like you’ve booked into a five star hotel. That being the case means there is not a huge amount of need to travel heavy when joining us on trips, we have everything covered, so that you can relax.

We provide each guest with 2 towels, free fresh water, juice, soft drinks, coffee & tea oh and this season he beer is also free, in fact the only paid for beverages are the bottles of fine wine we have onboard. Fully stocked biscuit jars, bread, condiments and fruit. Fully equipped first aid and med kit.

Food is a great buffet style selection of Thai, Japanese and Western dishes. You get Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner, plus brunch and a mid-afternoon snack to keep you fueled up for diving. There is no need to bring your own food onboard, but sugary snacks are always welcome if you like to share.

So what should you bring?

  • Suncream

  • Passport

  • Money (You’ll need it for tipping, night diving and the marine park fee)

  • Camera & accessories like memory sticks, chargers and spare batteries

  • Snacks & dietary supplements

  • Medications

  • Your diving gear

That is a pretty short list yeah? But truthfully that is the extent of packing for a liveaboard trip with us, obviously bring some clothes and swimming attire, but I guess that’s also totally optional.

Ok So here are some things you needn’t bring if you don’t want to…

  • Towels

  • Soaps

  • Shampoo and conditioners

  • Cosmetics (Let the sun and ocean be your make-up)

  • Extra Shoes (The boat is very comfy barefoot)

  • TV’s (Yep really)

  • Toilet paper

  • Blankets or pillows

  • Water or food

We have plenty of all the above for you, except for the shoes.

So I’ve told you what you should bring and what you need not, are there things I’m specifically not allowed to take on board?

Prohibited items…

  • Explosives, Fireworks (Let the crew handle those)

  • Deet based bug sprays (you won’t need any onboard and Deet is a toxic poison to the reef)

  • Swords, Axes or Machete’s (Pocket knives, no problem)

  • Beer (It’s free anyway, so why bother)

  • Bad attitudes (Specific warnings to Russians here)

  • Bullets or guns

  • Spearfishing equipment

Hopefully that helps you guys out with your packing, happy travels and hopefully see you onboard the Scuba Explorer soon!

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