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Rental equipment for liveaboard diving

Rental equipment for liveaboard diving

With out some equipment to help us dive we are going to have a very bad time chasing Whale Sharks or Manta Rays, with a BCD a Regulator, a mask and some fins our day is going to get a lot better. Diving equipment, is not included in the package prices, you have to rent it separately for the duration of the trip you book.

The reason it is not included in your package price is that many liveaboard divers have and travel with their own diving equipment, so why pay for something you are not using? Renting your equipment independently of the trip price helps keep the price of the liveaboard packages nice and low.

To make things as simple as possible, we of course offer gear rental, so when making a booking, we will definitely ask you to let us know exactly which pieces of equipment you will need. Weight Belts, Weights, Surface Marker Buoy & Tanks are included. So if you have absolutely zero bits of your own equipment, this is what you need to rent and how much it will cost per day.

Full Set

  • Regulator: 200 THB per day

  • BCD (Bouyancy Control Device): 200 THB per day

  • Wetsuit: 50 THB per day

  • Fins: 25 THB per day

  • Mask: 25 THB per day

So that is 500 THB per day to factor into the trip price. Hence why it’s always good to start purchasing your own equipment early, we sell equipment so if you want to buy and not rent, just ask us and we will help you out with your gear choices to make sure you get the right piece of equipment. Just a quick note here, the dive computer is compulsory this season, it makes diving much safer for you and the group that you are with.


  • Dive computer: 500 THB per day

  • Dive torch: 300 THB per day

Wetsuits are also technically optional but you can trust me one this, you’ll need one. The water temperatures may be a balmy 28 – 29 degrees most days, but occasionally we do bump into thermoclines, especially in the Similan Islands, that can drop the temperature another 4 -5 degrees, great for Mantas, bad for you if not in a wetsuit!

So, what are you waiting for? Get onboard the Scuba Explorer now and start diving in the worlds best kept secret locations!

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