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Reef Safe Sunscreen While Scuba Diving

Reef Safe Sunscreen While Scuba Diving

Scuba Explorer Recommends Scuba Divers Use Reef Safe Sun Cream

You might not know this but your everyday average sun cream or sunscreen is killing coral reefs and we now require our divers to use only reef safe sunscreen and other eco-friendly sun care products.

No word of a lie here folks, if your sun care products contain any of the following synthetic chemicals, you are helping contribute to high coral morbidity rates and are having an unseen and unimaginably negative impact on the coral reefs you are paying to visit.

Reef Repair products are a great way to help save coral reefs because they are 100% natural and extremely effective sun care products.

Coral Damaging Chemicals

If your sunscreen contains these, you need to throw them away. We do not allow the use of sun cream containing these chemicals on any of our liveaboard scuba diving holidays.

  • Oxybenzone
  • Avobenzone
  • Homosalate
  • Octisalate
  • Octocrylene
  • Titanium Dioxide

You can find out more information about how damaging these chemicals are to coral reefs by checking out this link explaining the impact of chemicals like Oxybezone on coral reefs.

Where Can I Get Reef Safe Sun Cream?

Thankfully that is easy here in Thailand, so before you go on our liveaboard to the Similans or any liveaboard for that matter you should definitely get your hands on our personal favourite reef safe sun cream, which is called Reef Repair.

Reef Repair is a high quality SPF 30+, kid safe, reef safe, moisturizing and easy to apply all natural sun cream made in Thailand, it is also travel friendly at only 50ml, so you can totally carry it with you on flights without fear of having to throw it away.

If you order it online Reef Repair will ship it next day, or you can buy from us on the boat. Please help us save coral so it doesn’t end up like the picture below!

Healthy Coral Vs Bleached Coral Effects Of Suncream With Oxybenzone

Healthy Coral Vs Bleached Coral Effects Of Suncream With Oxybenzone

Obviously we don’t force you to use or buy this product, any Reef Safe sunscreen will do, but again, please make sure it does not contain any of those chemicals listed above.

Happy scuba diving!

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