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Night dives on the Scuba Explorer

Night dives on the Scuba Explorer

Night diving is one of, if not, the best form of diving ever conceived in the great minds of the divers that have come before us. Someone somewhere once jumped into the dark murky waters of the ocean at night with probably nothing more than a torch wrapped in duct tape to go in search of the reefs night time critters and wonders.

Thankfully night diving today is a lot less troublesome and is offered as an optional dive at the end of each day while you are onboard the Scuba Explorer. Our guides and Instructors are always willing to do these dives, so definitely ask them, most of the time they will probably be attempting to convince you to do one because it’s an amazing chance to see creatures that only come out onto the reef once the sun sets.

Night diving is exciting and completely safe, our guides and instructors are the best Phuket has to offer and safety is always their primary concern. Torches are provided for the night dives and your guide will have back-up lights just in case. When there a bigger groups of night divers the reef can be lit up like a Christmas tree for your viewing pleasure.

Night dives cost 1,400 THB per person, that money goes straight to the boat boys simply because it is they who make the night diving possible. Instead of catching a well earned rest at the end of the day, they gladly stay up late to help you in and out of the water, make sure all equipment is safely stowed and that tanks are filled for the morning dives.

The Scuba Explorer guides will also brief you on night diving techniques, safety procedures and wildlife you are likely to encounter. There is definitely nothing to be scared of, there is only amazing diving to be had and awesome creatures to find.

So what are you waiting for? Get onboard the Scuba Explorer and start diving the worlds best kept secret diving destinations!

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