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Mergui Archipelago in Myanmar/Burma

Myanmar / Burma

The Mergui Archipelago is Earth's last truly unexplored and untouched, underwater paradise, I've never seen so many Sharks in one area before, Burma was truly magnificent diving.

Eliza Burman

About Myanmar / Burma

Everything you could possibly want to know about Myanmar / Burma & the Mergui Archipelago

Small wooden pier in the Mergui Archipelago Burma, Myanmar


We offer you the rare privilege of diving one of South East Asia's last unexplored chain of islands, the Mergui Archipelago. With over 800 islands, some of them the size of Singapore and Phuket (though most of them are completely uninhabited) the only sign of human life in the archipelago are a few Mokken Sea Gypsies, who stay for months at a time on their boats. Even above the water, the islands present treasures such as kingfishers, wild pigs, monkeys; there's even been reports of tigers hiding in the mangroves - a possibility not that far-fetched as they used to be very common here.

Arguably the main attraction of diving in Burma is the great diversity of sharks that frequent the Mergui archipelago. With a bit of luck, you'll be taking home photos of a few different species. As well as this, there is also an incredible variety of smaller fish, critters and invertebrates, many of which are not found in Thai waters. This, and the sheer immensity of the area are reasons enough to visit Burma - before even considering the possibilities of Shark encounters

The Mergui Archipelago in Burma is a series of something like 400, mostly un-explored and un-dove islands. Think about that, 400 Islands probably means something like 2,000 potential dive sites.

Myanmar/Burma and the Mergui Archipelago is a difficult place to access, you need a big comfy boat, good weather and the right paper work to venture there safely. That is where the Scuba Explorer comes in, a big boat, with good luck and all the right documents so that you can dive in one of the Earth's last scuba diving paradises, where humans are but a distant whisper to the animals that inhabit the area.

We have liveaboard trips heading there this High Season from Phuket, so keep an eye on the schedule and blog and we will keep you updated once these awesome trips are confirmed!

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