15% off all cruises in November on the Scuba Explorer | M/V Scuba Explorer Luxury Liveaboard

15% off all cruises in November on the Scuba Explorer

15% off all cruises in November on the Scuba Explorer

The High season is nearly upon us, the Similans opens again, and the Scuba Explorer is ready to start its weekly 3 day/3 night or 5 day/5 night cruises to the Similan Islands, Koh Bon, Koh Tachai and Richelieu Rock. Clear turquoise waters, 30 meter visibility, a huge diversity of marine life, excellent macro diving, and nights spent being rocked to sleep by the comforting sound of the calm waves. What better way to spend a holiday then to be diving 4 times a day, with the added option of a night dive, on some of the best dive sites in the world, being guided by some very experienced instructors on board the luxury Scuba Explorer. Not only will they show you creatures you may never have seen before, you will also learn about the different marine species you will encounter, all the instructors on board the Scuba Explorer have a wide range of knowledge about the life in our Oceans.

The first trip of the season leaves on 31st Oct until 5th Nov, a trip all of us are excited about, we can not wait to get back on the Scuba Explorer diving in the Similans. Throughout the month of November the Scuba Explorer is offering a fantastic 15% off all dive cruises, a great opportunity to experience the beautiful wonders of the Similans & Surin Islands and Richelieu Rock.

Last season in the Simians & Surin Islands was the best season in about 10 years with Whales Sharks and Manta Rays galore, you were unlucky not to see one of these magnificent creatures on a cruise. Often we encountered up to 5 Manta Rays at a time, including the rare and beautiful black Manta. These inquisitive animals spent much of the dives playing around us as we hung in the water marvelling at their majestic quality, knowing not to chase them and scare them away. Seen most of the time on Koh Bon and Koh Tachai, the Scuba Explorer spends a day diving at these sites, with the chance of a second visit on the way back from Richelieu Rock if the promise of Manta Rays is high. One of the fantastic things about the Scuba Explorer is the flexibility to change the itinerary to give our customers the best dives possible and the highest chance of diving with Manta Rays and Whale Sharks.

Richelieu Rock, as always, did not disappoint last season with the majority of dives having sightings of Whale Sharks, these magnificent gentle giants of the ocean are often seen at swimming at 5 meters over the pinnacles of Richelieu Rock making for an unforgettable experience. They swim so close you can almost touch them (but don’t as we do not allow that). The macro life on Richelieu Rock is amazing, the Scuba Explorer spends a whole day exploring this dive site, 3/4 dives is not even enough to see it all, each 50 minute dive will pass by so quickly you will not want to surface, you will be itching to get back in for the next dive.

With a number of dive sites around the Similan Islands there is a huge array of life to see, each dive offers something different, with night dives giving a whole new perspective to the underwater world.

The Scuba Explorer is the largest liveaboard in the Andaman Ocean, sleeping a maximum of 22 people in 3 different levels of accommodation, standard, deluxe or the ultimate luxurious suite cabins, although is was actually built for 40 people making it very comfortable and spacious. The dive deck itself it so big you never feel like you are fighting for space whilst kitting up, up to 5 people at a time are able to jump in together so you are quicker into the water to start exploring.

The 15% off applies to any level of accommodation. Included in the price are towels, food, soft drinks, beer (for after the last dive of the day), end of trip BBQ party and dive guide. We have English, Australian, French, Polish and Japanese instructors on board to guide groups of divers, all of us are friendly, experienced and know how to play Texas hold ’em poker, you are guaranteed an enjoyable, fun trip.

The Similans is a must visit and should be high up on all divers lists of places in the world to dive so don’t miss out on the this offer giving you a great opportunity to experience these sites on board the luxury of the Scuba Explorer at a more affordable rate. Come dive with us in the month of November, before the peak season starts and the Similans has many more visitors.

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