Scuba Explorer liveaboard at sea in the Similan Islands

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Luxury liveaboard diving

Rare Scorpion Fish photographed in the Adang Archipelago while on a Scuba Explorer liveaboard

Scuba Explorer Liveaboard Diving Video

Exploring the Best Dive Sites Thailand has to offer!

Pictures can say a thousand words and video is even better, check out this short 52 second liveaboard scuba diving movie made by the Scuba Explorer team!

You can also click on any of the marine wildlife below to see a short clip of the encounters we have when diving from the Scuba Explorer on one of our luxury liveaboard holidays.

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The Scuba Explorer heading for dive sites along the cliffs of Phi Phi Ley

Night Diving on Richelieu Rock

Night diving on Richelieu RockWhale Shark encounter on a night dive

Richelieu Rock is often the very reason divers want to go on a Liveaboard to the Similans & Surin Islands, it is the dive site people most want to visit and the reason is justified. The dive site itself is breathtakingly beautiful, covered in purple soft corals, Anemones, Gorgonian Fans, Knotted fans, Sea Whips and full of life, it is easy to see why divers want to come back again and again.

No two dives are the same, and it is impossible to see everything in just 1 dive, for that reason the Scuba Explorer spends a whole day at Richelieu Rock making 3/4 dives. We have had the added pleasure of doing a night dive on Richelieu Rock, very few Liveaboards offer this due to currents, depth, customer experience or time. So of course we all jumped at the chance, kitted up and jumped in before the tour leader could change his mind.

The excitement of descending onto Richelieu Rock in the dark was apparent in all us Instructors, I don’t think the customers realised that a night dive here was not often done as they laughed at us all fighting to get in the water first. As we all descended with our torches turned on the colour of the corals light up under the artificial light, glowing in the beam it looks even more beautiful at night. The peacefulness of the Ocean at night and the fact that we were the only Liveaboard diving there made me feel utter calmness, like I was floating through space. I love night diving and this dive was definitely one to remember.

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15% off all cruises in November on the Scuba Explorer

Similan IslandsScuba Diving in the Similan Islands

The High season is nearly upon us, the Similans opens again, and the Scuba Explorer is ready to start its weekly 3 day/3 night or 5 day/5 night cruises to the Similan Islands, Koh Bon, Koh Tachai and Richelieu Rock. Clear turquoise waters, 30 meter visibility, a huge diversity of marine life, excellent macro diving, and nights spent being rocked to sleep by the comforting sound of the calm waves. What better way to spend a holiday then to be diving 4 times a day, with the added option of a night dive, on some of the best dive sites in the world, being guided by some very experienced instructors on board the luxury Scuba Explorer. Not only will they show you creatures you may never have seen before, you will also learn about the different marine species you will encounter, all the instructors on board the Scuba Explorer have a wide range of knowledge about the life in our Oceans.

The first trip of the season leaves on 31st Oct until 5th Nov, a trip all of us are excited about, we can not wait to get back on the Scuba Explorer diving in the Similans. Throughout the month of November the Scuba Explorer is offering a fantastic 15% off all dive cruises, a great opportunity to experience the beautiful wonders of the Similans & Surin Islands and Richelieu Rock.

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Overnight trip to Koh Phi Phi on board the Scuba Explorer

Koh Phi Phi on the Scuba ExplorerOvernight trip to Koh Phi Phi on the Scuba Explorer

The weather has turned, the seas are flat, and the diving is outstanding. So, time to join us on the Scuba Explorer for a fun packed, dive filled adventure to the Koh Phi Phi National Marine Park for an overnight trip. 7 dives including a sunset dive and early morning dive, a chance to dive the dive sites when all the other dive boats have left for the day and before they arrive, and a night out on Koh Phi Phi Don itself. This all inclusive package is only offered in the month of September leaving on Mondays and Fridays. Choose which level of accommodation you would like, jump on board, suit up and dive with us.

Koh Phi Phi dive sites are visited everyday by a number of dive boats from Phuket and Phi Phi itself, for good reason as they are fantastic dives swarming with marine life, you will literally be swimming through huge schools of Big Eyed Snapper and 2 Spot Snapper in the hundreds, the amazing bright yellow tail of the Big Eyed Snapper and they way they all move in unison make this a spectacular site. The Scuba Explorer is offering a chance to experience all of this at time when no other divers will be there. The day boats travelling from Phuket get to Phi Phi to do their first dive at 11am, and have left by 2pm after the second dive. The Scuba Explorer has scheduled another 2 dives after the boats have left, no other divers, pristine corals, all the space in the ocean. The chance to see Black Tip Reef Sharks will be increased, and the sunset dive at Koh Phi Phi is a must, not often done due to time restrictions.

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